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Portugal For A Memorable Vacation Experience

Portugal has been popular with the vacationers as a culturally rich nation. It encompasses a long history. The nation has been known to dominate the oceans at their naval powerhouse at some time. The nation offers a ravishing countryside and exceptional beaches. It would be pertinent to mention here that Portugal offers some of the best golf courses in the world.

From the lush mountains in the north to the sunny beaches of the south and the amazing desert landscapes, the country has been different in terms of geography. The nation has been known to couple with its equally different people.

Relax on the beaches

The warm climate and decently long coastline makes Portugal the top hotspot for cooling your heels in the summer sun. You could immerse yourself in the sparkling lagoons in Lagos that makes it a perfect holiday hotspot for scuba diving and snorkeling. The rocky coastline has been ideally decorated with vegetation. Moreover, the mountainous terrain would also make for plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking or simply taking in the awe-inspiring scenic cliffs that stand above the sparkling ocean. The beaches such as Meia Praia offer superb beachside bars and small restaurants for cooling your heels on the hot summer day.  A majority of popular beaches have plenty of water activities to make the most of it as well. Snorkeling and Surfing along with dolphin tours, boat tours and kayaking have been some of the activities to make the most of in Portugal. The food in the coast areas has been superb. A majority of locally owned restaurants have been extremely friendly and would cater you an enormous personal service.

Some of the places to explore in Portugal when on vacations have been listed below.

Explore the capital city of Lisbon

The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon has been a bustling city. It has been known to have a number of cultural and historic architecture to absorb. Located next to Belem, you could find the 16th century Belem Tower. It has been an iconic fortified tower that jets straight out into the water of the Tigus River. The city also offers museums encompassing antiquities from around the world along with botanical gardens and aquariums for the children.

Apart from the capital, you could visit the cities of Duoro Valley, Aveiro and Alentejo regions.

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