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Who were the original Eagles band?

Only one of the Eagles was actually a California native — but which one? Which of their famous country-rock classics originally had a celestial theme? Which video shoot played a key role in their eventual reunion?

Ultimate Classic Rock explores that, and more, with this list of 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Eagles:

1. One of Glenn Frey’s earliest pre-Eagles managers, Punch Andrews, also looked after Bob Seger’s fledgling career. That’s Frey singing backup on

2. The Eagles not only spent three years but also a then-amazing $800,000 trying to complete a follow up to ‘Hotel California,’ often finding that

3. A celebrated reunion was finally sparked by a gutsy request from country star Travis Tritt, who asked the original Eagles to portray

4. This most California of bands was, almost to a man, nothing of the sort. Frey and Henley were transplants from Michigan and Texas,

5. Felder taught a young fellow Gainesville, FL rocker named Tom Petty a few licks on the guitar. But that wasn’t the two bands’ only connection.7. Bill Szymczyk, who has produced or co-produced every Eagles album since 1974’s ‘On the Border,’ had earlier worked with Joe Walsh on his8. The narrative twists in the Eagles’ title track for ‘Hotel California’ grew out of an admiring for the tandem work of another classic rock act,

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